I am giving Darshan always, everywhere.

Pray to God wholeheartedly to remove all obstacles.

Everything - good and bad - is God.

Two things are important.  One is to believe in God and the other is to have self-confidence.

As long as we have faith in the Divine there is no fear, but when we lose faith, fear comes up.

God is an ocean of limitless patience.

If you need me or my help I will help you, whatever path you may follow.  For me there is no difference.

Being relaxed and peaceful is the most important thing for opening.

There is only one sin, and that is not to love enough.

To be open means to receive like a child - simply - with no constructions, no mind.

The Divine never says that suffering is necessary - this idea is created by human beings.  
The Divine asks us to be happy, harmonious and peaceful.

All the old separations between "holy" and "worldly" are not real.
Everything is divine.  Everything.

When people have a silent mind they will receive more.

Whatever doubts come, however frightening they are, know they are the creation of your mind.
Only the light is real.

Ask for everything - like a child asks its mother for everything, without shame.
Do not stop at peace of mind or purity of heart, or surrender.
Demand everything.

If you grow inside, the ego will drop.
Meditation, japa and prayer weaken the ego.

One must love the world and its people, not feel repulsion for them.
There is nothing wrong with the world - the Divine is everywhere.

Your soul is always with me.

The best way to be near me is to remember me.

If you need my help, I will help you.
The help does not depend on any condition.

It is true that angels exist.

One has to practice one's path regularly without worrying about the result.
The light occurs spontaneously, like the blossoming of a flower.

Try to do everything wholeheartedly and the Divine grace will shower on you naturally.

It is not necessary to sit and meditate many hours to get the light.
The light will come in its own way.

Surender is not weakness.

God remembers every small prayer, every tear.
A tear is a door through which I can come.
How can I come into a heart that doesn't long for me?

Remember the Divine in everything you do.

Perfect love can never be defeated because it is infinite.
There is only one love and one energy.
When you are feeling it, you are beginning to understand it.

I want you to be completely yourself.

The grace works automatically when the aspiration is sincere.

As you grow you will see your defects more clearly.
This is due to the grace of the Divine.  

Love, sincerity and aspiration connect us to the Divine.

Be simple, happy and peaceful with not too many thoughts.

There is only one real rhythm; in silence you hear it.
When you live to the rhythm of this silence, you become it, slowly.

We have to try to reveal that light which is hidden in us as a bud.
It must blossom like a flower.

"The Avatar has the power to change anyone and alter any karma."
- Mother Meera -