Question: I see so much madness and greed in the world it is hard to believe that the transformation of man and the world is possible.

Mother Meera: What you see is real, but the goodness in man is also real.  The longing for God is real - it is man's most true reality.  And God loves man absolutely.  The transformation will happen but it will take time and go slowly.  Its foundations have to be made firm.

Question:  What is the importance of the Paramatman Light?

Mother Meera: I called down the Paramatman Light.  The Paramatman Light is in everything.  The work of transformation will be done much more quickly providing people are open.  Even if they are not open now, the pressure and power of the light are so great that they will become open.

Question: What daily discipline helps us realize the Divine? 

Mother Meera: Remember the Divine in everything you do. If you have time, meditate. Offer everything to the Divine -- everything good or bad, pure or impure. This is the best and quickest way. 

Question: Why do you have no rules for your devotees? 

Mother Meera: What use is it in telling people anything? Often they disagree and rebel. People must be strong in themselves. I say nothing but my Light changes people inwardly and helps them discover what they really want and need. The important thing is to pray and receive the Light. That in itself will change you. 

When the heart opens to God, the rules follow. All people have their own rules for their own stage of understanding. What is necessary is to follow me inside. Then you will know what to do and how to act at all times. 

Question: What can I do to help your work? 

Mother Meera: Realize yourself. 

Question: How can people help your work? 

Mother Meera: They can help by receiving the Light and letting it change them. They should be peaceful and harmonious. To be harmonious means to be whole; to love others and so enjoy your life; to know yourself and your difficulties and to work with them so you become free and able to help others; to respect the dignity of others. Humility brings harmony. A humble person is integrated with reality and is happy, because humility brings happiness. 

Question: What is the best way to communicate with you? 

Mother Meera: The soul connection is best; it is best to feel it inside -- but you can also write. 


What should we do to receive your Light and help when you are not with us physically? How can we find the constant inner contact with you? What should we do to progress in our practice, our sadhana (spiritual practice)?

Do you expect anything from those who put in your hands the direction of their life and their sadhana?

Mother Meera: Concerning sadhana, you must do japa when you want to receive my Light and help when I am not physically with you. Only through japa do you have constant inner contact with me. If you want to make any progress in the sadhana , you must practice japa. This is the easy way to remember the Divine. I do not expect anything from any human beings, but when they are sincere and serious in their sadhana, it gives me happiness.
"One should try to be sincere and to have love of God."
- Mother Meera -