Darshan is the bestowal of Love, Light and Grace. Mother gives Darshan in silence. 
It is her gift to humanity and it is bestowed free of charge. 
People want lectures, I give them silence. For the mind to flower, it has to go beyond what it knows. 
Darshan Etiquette:
Receiving Darshan:  
While in the darshan hall, sit quietly, meditating and/or praying. Each person will have the opportunity to receive individual darshan. Usually, darshan is conducted row by row.  If you aren't comfortable kneeling in the darshan line, you can walk up and someone will direct you to kneel in front of Mother Meera.  If you are unable to kneel at all and would like to sit in a chair, a volunteer will signal when it is your turn and a chair in front of Mother Meera will be provided.  It is best to stay in the darshan hall, being still, for as long as possible after receiving your blessing.  


Come dressed normally with washed hair

During darshan, wear clean socks or soft slippers

Turn off cell phones before entering the building

Attendees should be able to sit quietly for two to three hours

Stay for the whole darshan if possible

Remain silent in the darshan hall

No cameras, smoking or eating.

Mother Meera
"People want lectures; I give them silence. 
For the mind to flower it has to go beyond what it knows."

- Mother Meera -